Friday, August 5, 2011

Cosmos... again!?

Praise jesus Cosmos is getting a sequel hosted by none other than Neil Degrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and awesome keynote speech giver extraordinaire!  From the article:

In partnership with Sagan’s colleagues Ann Druyan (who is also his widow) and Steven Soter, Seth MacFarlane — yes, that Seth MacFarlane — is going to produce a new 13-part series to serve as a sequel and modern update to Sagan’s masterpiece.
I think it's great that Ann is keeping with Sagan's legacy (regardless of if it's for monetary gain) and doubly awesome that Seth MacFarlane is going to have a part in it.  His humorous style and popularity will surely have a positive affect on the ratings however one must also be at least slightly apprehensive of the idea because we don't want Cosmos to turn into some campy funny thing, it's educational not comedy.  I hope that they can present the sequel in a witty way in order to attract viewers, however also making the content deep and full of ideas that don't often get broadcast.. Especially on what is arguably the most RIGHT network..

The bad — or at least, potentially bad — news is that, due to MacFarlane’s involvement, the series will air in primetime, and on Fox.

This COULD be bad or it could be good depending on how you look at it.  Yes a lot of Fox viewers are opposed to basic scientific thinking, however there is already a good deal of good, science friendly programming on FOX like HOUSE.  A friend of mine said "Fox isn't the same think as Fox News", and this is quite true.  I'm hopeful that it will turn out well and this show will continue.

Cosmos was an incredible show and it changed my life in a positive way, I hope that the new version will do the same for many others including myself.

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